Android Nougat Reply Notification Demo

Starting in Android 7.0 (API level 24) You have a lot of control, and you’re getting even more. Google has also done some cleanup to make all of those alerts look more refined and add in some color in the right places to make it easier to quickly see the most important information. From the … Continue reading Android Nougat Reply Notification Demo


Control Smooth Scroll over Recycler View

In this post I will show you how can you achieve smooth scroll over RecyclerView The key to a smoothly scrolling RecyclerView is to keep the application’s main thread (the UI thread) free from heavy processing. Recycler view is a flexible view for providing a limited window into a large data set. Making Listview smooth there … Continue reading Control Smooth Scroll over Recycler View

Change Application name and launcher icon runtime.

Changing an application name and application icon from the application. For that we need to use the <activity-alias>. This tag will be in manifest inside <application> tag. An alias for an activity, named by the targetActivity attribute. The target must be in the same application as the alias and it must be declared before the alias … Continue reading Change Application name and launcher icon runtime.

Secure Web-service Url in Android

This is serious problem that every one facing . How to secure Web-service URL if someone decompile the application. Now a Days there are lots of tool that decompile the apk file and give possible java code. In code we have our Web-service url . Now that person have that url and get to know … Continue reading Secure Web-service Url in Android

How to use proguard in android application ?

At Your project root you will find file named now open this file you will find that proguard code is in comments. remove this comments. Now configure your proguard file available at same location under this guidance Proguard Configuration Create your Proguard.cfg file. In newer version you will find proguard-project.txt no need to worry … Continue reading How to use proguard in android application ?